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 Address: Department of Atmospheric Sciences
National Taiwan University

No.1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Rd., Taipei, 10617, Taiwan

Education B.S.: National Taiwan University, 1986

Ph.D.: University of Washington, 1995 (under Prof. Bob Houze, 2006 AMS Rossby Award; 2012, AAAS Fellow)

Ph.D Thesis: A Nonhydrostatic Modeling Analysis of an Intense Midlatitude Squall Line

                 Postdoc: University of Washington, 1995-96 (under Profs. Brad Smull and Bob Houze)


Current Research Interests:

Precipitation Physics

Mesoscale Meteorology

Couple Modeling

Hydrological Processes


Professional Employment

            2014/8 - present        Professor                         National Taiwan University, Taiwan

            2014/1 - 2014/4        Visiting Scientist            University of Washington, USA

            2012/8 - 2014/7        Professor                          National Central University, Taiwan

            2006/9 - 2006/12      Visiting Scientist            University of Maryland, USA

            2005/8 - 2012/7        Associate Professor         National Central University, Taiwan

2002/8 - 2005/7        Assistant Professor         National Central University, Taiwan

1999/8 - 2002/7        Assistant Professor         Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

1996/9 - 1999/7        Associate Scientist         Central Weather Bureau, Taiwan


Awards and Members:

            2014                         Outstanding Research Award of the National Central University

            2013                         Outstanding Research Award of the National Central University

            2013                         Editor's Award for the Journal of Atmospheric Sciences (AMS)

2012                         Outstanding Research Award of the National Central University

2009                         Marquis Who's Who in the World, 26th Edition, 2009

2008                         Best Teacher Award of the National Central University

2008                         Marquis Who's Who in Science and Engineering, 10th Edition, 2008-2009

2007                         Outstanding Research Award of the National Central University

2007 - present          Member of the American Geophysical Union (AGU)

2006                         Outstanding Research Award of the National Central University

2000                         Dr. Sha-Chang Huang Publication Award of the ROC (Taiwan) Meteorological Society

2000                         Publication Award of the Chinese Culture University

2000, 1998, 1997     Research Award of the National Science Council in Taiwan

1998 - present         Member of the Chinese  (Taiwan) Geoscience Union

1997 - present         Member of the ROC  (Taiwan) Meteorological Society

1993/7                     NCAR/ASP Fellowship for Summer Colloquium on Clouds and  Climate

1990 - present         Member of the American Meteorological Society (AMS)


            2017/3 -                     Editor of Journal of Meteorological Research

            2016/1 - present        Panel committee, Disaster Prevention Div. of Natural Sciences (MOST)

            2014/8 - 2017/7         Editor of the TAO journal

            2012/5 - 7                  Examination Committee Member for Government Employee

            2012/1 - present        Associate Editor of the Weather and Forecasting Journal (AMS)

            2010/1 - 2012/12       Panel committee, Atmos. Sci. Div. of Natural Sciences of National Science Council

2009 - present           Reviewer for NSF Proposal (USA)

2008/8 - 2014/7         Associate Editor of the TAO journal

            2007/4 - present        Executive Committee Member for NSPO GPS-ARC

            2005/8 & 2005/12     Public Science Lecturer, Natural Science Museum

            2005/8                       Reviewer for New York Sea Grant Proposal, New York State, USA

            2005/2 - 2005/8         Examination Committee Member for Government Employee

           2003/3 - 2003/12       Consultant for Central Weather Bureau

           1995/8 - present        Reviewer for Papers Submitted to Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences; Monthly Weather Review;

                                             Journal of Geophysical Research-Atmosphere; Geophysical Research Letter; Journal of Applied

                                             Meteorology; Weather and  Forecasting; Journal of Climate; Terrestrial, Atmospheric, and Oceanic

                                             Sciences; Atmospheric Research and Advance in Atmospheric Sciences    




Prof. Yang works on weather systems of squall lines, mesoscale convective systems, heavy rainfall storms, frontal rainbands, typhoon spiral rainbands, and topographically generated weather phenomina . His research interests involve simulating and analyzing a variety of severe convective systems; examining the meso-gamma scale ( 2-20 km ) and meso-beta scale ( 20-200 km ) structures of storms; investigating the evolution and mechanism(s) whereby they develop; testing theories, hypotheses and various model physical representations; and finally interpreting, to the extent possible, the observed behaviors of these rainfall systems. His research interests also include the improvement of cloud-process ( microphysics and cumulus parameterization ) representations in meso- and convective-scale numerical models, and the further understanding of convection and precipitation phenomenia.



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